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Hospitality Enhancements goal is to enhance the level of service to your prospective and existing guests. Our mission is to increase quality levels and revenue through training guest service agents to exceed customer service standards. The cornerstone of our success is developing a tailored solution to optimize your business.

Why train your employees?
The purpose of training is to change the employees behavior, knowledge and level of skill. Long term benefits of training employees to connect with the customer are invaluable. Training employees will demonstrate the what, why, and how to do their job to the best of their ability.

Why evaluate your employees?
The purpose of evaluations is to determine how the employees are contributing to the success of your business. Your frontline must be proactive in sales skills. Their goal on every telephone inquiry must be to capture the reservation! Quality Evaluation Test Calls will identify your staffs strengths and weaknesses. This will tell us what additional training is needed.

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